Totilas - The Living Legend

Totilas, fullname Moorlands Totilas, is a Dutch dressage horse. He was born on May 23, 2000. Totilas was bred by the duo J.K Schuil and A. Visser and was owned by Moorlands Stables. Totilas has been crowned the KWPN horse of the year 2009.

Totilas is a black stallion. He has a height of 1.75 meters. He is a son of the now deceased stallion Gribaldi and the mare Lominka. His full sister is Uusminka. Totilas takes part in dressage competitions at the highest level: Grand Prix. His regular rider is Edward Gal.

On December 16, 2009 Edward Gal and Totilas won the first place in the Dressage Grand Prix in London. In addition, the combination improved the world record in the freestyle section with a score of 92.30%. Totilas is the first horse in the world to ever score over 90%.

Due to the many successes, there is a mass run on the semen of Totilas. The price went up to 5500 euros. The combination of Gal / Totilas also occupied first place in the world dressage.

On the 14th of October 2010 Totilas was sold for an amount between 10 en 15 million Euros to the German horse dealer Paul Schockemohle. The general opinion is that Schockemohle will sell Totilas.

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The latest news on Totilas:

Anky van Grunsven: Who pays the owner when Totilas dies : nobody

Anky van Grunsven is startled by the sale of Totilas (v. Gribaldi) to Paul Schockemöhle, but understands the decision of the former owner, the Visser family. "Who pays the owner the same amount that he receives with this sale, if in the meantime Totilas gets injured or, worse, dies? The answer is: nobody! Therefore we must respect the decision to sell made by the owners, "she says in her column in the Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf". read more>>

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